Friday, 18 May 2012


'I don see am before...', make i yarn you stori. Wetin make crayfish bend pass condition o, wetin man see pass wetin him fit xplain. I don see am before, na dem dey carry the money comot go obodo oyinbo. The matter taya mi patapata. Dem maga us wit dem diplomatic portfolio, four years agenda wit white elephant projects. Dem dey collect purse tearing alawi, untop parols wey dem no do. Na big big grammar wey no dey dico dem go gather dey yarn for the house wey dem call assembly. Na school me i tink say assembly suppose dey o; no wonda! Som of dem no even go primary skool, na now dem con want represent us 4 house.

I don see am before, big man arrange himself like woman to run pass law. Even police oga sef dey corner country money for him person package. Som wan dey for throne till dem die; abeg, which one be third term again? seven point agenda to be executed for heaven, after dat one; na Goodluck wit the fuel subsidy. Which one be OPC na, anoda one say him na Militant again o, now dem don com wit Boko, begin flog us koboko wit bomb. Chai! Wetin man eye don see, pass him mouth o.

Na for dis place e happen, doctor dem no see salary collect begin faint for protest, lecturers strike-student strike sef untop no PHCN & water, pensioniers begin roam street dey halla: people grandpa & grand ma. I don c tins taya, govt no wan get sense. National anthem don turn sorrowful poem, may b make we bgin sing d 2nd stanza, may God 4 join d mata.
Na padi-padi nw o, 'who u sabi' na him b password 2 take arrange anytin 4 we land. Why dem ashewo no go plenti na? Why young girls no go do aristo? Now men sef don join begin do homo; me no know wetin dem wan wash o.

Arm robbers 4 evrycorner, som go dress lik ninjas for express, wear black-untop-black begin quote law for make dem for collect shandi; i no cal names o! Vehicle drivers na regular victim for the mata, dem don taya. I don c am b4, thief get artilery pass police, abeg where dem 4 c am?
Na rape stori & nollywood nude film we pikins dey hear & watch now, abeg which time our movie industry begin act blue film? Na wa o! Na money dem dey find reach lik dat? Tah! Musician worst untop the mata.

Dem no go talk about moral lessons, na so so jagbanjantis noise dem dey make, dey teach we children rubbish oyinbo. Well, d musical beats dey try sha & som videos make sense small. Hmmmm! I don c tins o.
Wetin we dey even hear 4 church dis day na him taya me pass. Imagine! Make pastor dey collect thanksgivin offering according to premiership clubs; "Today na Arsenal & Barcelona, next week go be for Chelsea & Man U", no be nonsence be dat? Before u knw now, na political parties name dem go begin cal o. Walahi! Tins taya me o, i don c so tey my eye red pass who smoke igbo.
I don c am before... Na dis place, and i go yarn you more..

                          Moses S. Olarotimi (Sacred Sheyzz)

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