Thursday, 10 May 2012

Soul's Day (2nd November)

On those nights that we stood out there by the rain
A fleeting moment in our lives.
Now the days are so long, all the summers seemed still too short.
We were reaching for something that is already gone
All the promises we made, one by one they vanished just the same

Even dust grew in hardness
We ate them as bread
We were chasing, but nothing was all we found
Winners of emptiness.
Then again we did mingled our wines with weeping;
Agony of grief.
Drowned in the sands of shame, the dreams we thought was ours
Our skin bleed drops of blood, our eyes couldn't anymore hold a fear.
Long were the nights,
When we were thrown into the abyss of nothingness
Skin peeling off, leaving blood and charred flesh
Shame drained vitality from us, blood dripped till nothing remained.
The crimson beam of the moonlight flooding the hallways to our tomb
Abandoned by day light for even darkness illuminated our nights
Feelings of dark cold clammy of death as soul's mind slowly dies
Death haunted us in our dreams making us cry.
We wonder why we suffer as we did, and when it'll all go away
Moody musical melodies, rang in the mighty misty moonlight
They knew our screams, all our fears, the disguise and tears
They knew we're weak; we cry, we're torn, we lie.
Into the soul they stared, as we laid there in our false reality
Towards hell we fell, through an imprisoned illusion.
The streams of sheer death deflating our lungs
Ripping out our breath, and apart it tore the ventricles of our heart
The demonic sounds of fallen angels harp licked our brains with pain
Damned souls of the forgotten graves.
Bones of shells turned to dust, we wept amides their decomposed forms
Our mourners of impatience, called upon a god that doesn't exist
We wept admist decayed bodies, wordlessly pleading,-
Silently howling, the nightmares didn't go with the night.
Now sleep is gone, then we realized that the nightmares are real,
In those moments we feared, caused salvation was never near
We spoke words of eternal curse,
Just to make this damned world die
Hatred in their hearts bloomed as they laughed at our misfortunes
We couldn't reach out to escape ourselves
Then even the clouds mourned and wept at our weakness
We laid there for decades, our tears their drinking fountain
Then those thoughts to our mind came
Hope for the helpless, rest for the weary, love for the broken hearts.
Rest for the weary we took, our eternal rest
Oh sweet merciful death, wrap your arms around us we plea
Take us away we plea, but then came salvation
A light with whom no radiance could match.

King HenryIX (Dark Wizard)

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