Thursday, 17 May 2012


I feel the chill crawl up my spine.
I sense the creep of evil in the room.
My mind starts to panic as I run out of time. 
I'm scared to be forever trapped in this tomb.
I begin to try and calm my mind.
I'm starting to loose control of the shackles of my sanity.
I fight harder than ever only to lose the bind.
The loss releases a tsunami of madness,followed by a string of strong profanity.
I pick up the chair and throw it at the wall.
It knocks over the picture of my family.
I kneel over and pick it up as a voice says,"Tonight you loose them all."
A cold sweat accumulates on my forehead, as I turn and look upon inhumanity.
He said he would come though I wished it a lie.
I see it on his face that he had never spoke more true.
My hopes and prayers they went in vain because tonight I'm going to die.
My heart begins racing as I think of the only thing left to do.
I turn and burst through the back door and feel the cool of the night blow across my face and the smell of the ocean shore.
I see the treeline and break into an open sprint, not looking back to see if he trails.
As I run deeper into the forest, I look to the sky and yell a desponding implore.
Its frantic and hopeless, an attempt to avoid his nightmarish assail.
I see the path that leads to the water, the place of the slaughter for the black sheep of the father.
I know that hope is forever lost, so I slow to a stop knowing the cost.
I look to north and see no other, then I hear a cold laugh come from another.
I see him there standing in the frost, a grin on his face with arms tightly crossed.
He says, "Listen son its time to pay, to collect the debt from that cool autumn day"
"Let me go I wont speak a word, I'll burden this secret until the grave"
"You made the deal you knew the price, you said fuck it all and rolled the dice"
"I was young and dumb, selfish and blind. I did not believe you would come back this day"
"I said in ten years I'd come back for you, then you signed in blood to make it true"
Realization begins to set in, as I begin to accept my unforgivable sin.
Satan he smiles and sits on his throne, as I begin to smell the surfer and brimstone.
The screams the they torture and pierce my ears, as the sights of hell fulfill my fears.
Feeling the excruciating and madding fire of my spirit, I begging to scream, writhe and contort in The Pit.
                                   Precious Rukeyxsz(Silhouette)