Friday, 25 May 2012


O naija of my dream
Still fly in the face of expectation
Still suffer and smile
Wallow in emptiness in the midst of plenty
A prodigal son pleasured in a shocking waste

-Let me mention but few
Plethora of favours buried in the bosom
Which seems elude consciousness
Flows in the vein are water of life for tillage
Blackblood in his bossom exploit for petro-dollar
 Stone of wealths multiples still in gestation
In his skin fertile ground to till and graze
Where grain will abound in the grainery
  Nonidentical twins of season a rare bliss of heaven
An immunity of wrath of nature an eternal gift of life
Where else in the world these flooding favour flows

-In our foolishness divine favour begot a course
Upon which our wealth enslave us in servitude
  Consciencelessand consciousness in coma
The wisdom to better our fortune dried
How to escape self-inflicted penury still a hard-nut to crack
Clueless in the wilderness to the amusement of the world

-How can Lucifer envy when our iniquity abound
How can we profess to worship in spirit and truth
Yet godliness is not amidst
Yet hasting trove pleasured our pleasure
How can Lucifer envy when our iniquity abound
Solemnly we are firmed with sacred book
Still we lie on oath
In neighborliness we hack each other to death
But race to temple to clean the soiled hand

-We cast terror of injustice and avoid shadow of justice

-O Church and Mosque
Where is the God in a man
When heisted trove is the oyster flesh of tithe and zakat
How can Lucifer envy when our iniquity abound
How can temple be sacred when ghost workers are in rat race to pay their day
For the iniquity of the living hunt the living

-Mockery of Deity swollen our prayers
In our fervent petition summon His co-operal body amidst
To cheer electioneering train for free and fair
To drive anti corruption agent with no sentiment on the trail
  Superintend judiciary train without iota of bribe
Fixed death trap road devoid of wicked cost
Guarantee our stable light with no blink of eyes
Arrest Boko haram in multitude
Fund our Ivory Tower to do the magic of mother science
Provide job for teaming graduate to keep prime at bay

-How can foolishness in us drive us to verge of fantasy
O father of creation
Nigeria your prodigal son
Still suffer and smile
Wallow in emptiness
In the midst of plenty
O lord,give us Nigeria of our dream
Give us a king with wisdom on his crown
In penury we are wise in foolishness we perish
Save our soul from the servitude of foolishness
       Emmanuel Frost (Sacred Frost)

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