Wednesday, 26 June 2013




Deep in the earth, firmed to its dirth..
It holds sway in the corridors of power..
Beneath the veins of want, it gains health..
Feeding on the corns of the pauper..

And beneath the cotton blue sky..
It holds its own, controls the throne..
Against all odds, the poor becomes the spy..
Bribed; like a dog loyal to its bone..

In the end, all that is, becomes the greed..
That makes them hoard and steal..
And then, they raise, protect their seed..
Forming the vicious circle of theives..

It shot the moral, to its death..
Integrity, chained to the ground..
The fetters of repute, formed from the earth...
Loosened to girth, the corrupt bound.


It walks across the streets of fame..
And knocks at the doors of reproach..
It crawls on their lips, rebuke its name.
To hearts of evil; their best coach.

It preaches to the profane sons of greed..
The ways to meet their every need..
It walks to integrity, to seek repute..
And sets it wrath, in the heart, to refute..

This demon, birth from the depths of hell..
Burns in the hearts of all, sick and well..
Seeking comfort, it spurs the onslaught of good..
Laying its eggs on the hearts of evil..

Passed like an airborne canker-worm..
It moves from parent to child..
It feeds on the "by all means.." notion..
And parents, spur on, neglecting to chide..

The canker-worm has become a giant..
Eating the souls of the high and mighty..
Its children has flooded the ends..
Of politics, economics and security..

In the guise of prophecy..
It desecrated the sanctuary..
Through lies and deceit..
Birthed from the heart, to the heathen.

Edited by:   Moses S. Olarotimi

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Monday, 10 June 2013


And it all came to past
When this frivolous year begone so far
With it's star-light,moon-light void of best
Known for sheer shawl of shameful scar
Left on all parastatals big and small
Like a drenched measles of epidemic haul

And it all came to past
As the begining marks the end
To tell wisdom it is but lustful crest
With sins wooing away our blissful trend
Laying bay the naked foolish cravings
That eluded the route to joyful blessings

Poverty so strong made to survive
Even when encircled by treacherous day
As if enchanted to stay alive
Then entrenched into our fluid to stay
Got us sway'd freely to and fro
All these days come to past as we grow

Abduction now courageously tender smile
Gaining stance as if meant to blink
With bamboo stick that vomit fire a mile
Our breath got ceased in just a wink
In every grip;every sip;for ransom
And it came to pass as a ransom

Then comes the fairy flood
Ravaging our homes in slippery pace
Feeding us solitude and clothe us cold-blood
As surviving plants wear tattered face
Frowing at so long a journey as slow fast
All these days drilled the past

Rousing race of aviation crash
Ails these days as the most beautiful
That sweept the grave full with flesh
Which amongst was heroes and heroine plentiful
Such slyly plays us downcast
So did we believe, it all come to past

And it all came to past
The hazardous touch of mole-fire
Which wrecked lately beyond shores to last
Eating lives and works of year higher
Leaving behind,drenched pangs of distress,
Panic,pandemonium,and pandemics as mistress

And it all come to past
As wishes that time was directioned
But time pass'd with wing undirectioned
Painting these woes in rainbowic style
And we list them for all eyes,in pray'r file
As these painful tears flows
It leaves trail-mark enroute to heaven
Just to present our pray'r file
And we plea:please God,us enliven,
Show us those pretty favour
Bless our works,bless our toil,bless our labour

Lead us as bride to next year
Guard our soles as we match towards
Anew dawn coloured and named new year
Well all plea,no ever backwards
So we pray and fast
Thus,it all came to past

Written By: Osunwoke Rejoice
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