Friday, 18 May 2012


The cry to battle is resounded on the hill tops
Soldiers gird thee roundabout with thy armour
The air is heavy and the horses are neighing
The army is prepared, war cries resounding
Wives are clinging to their husbands in one last hug
And the warriors are matching out head held high and proud….

From the distance the river is heard
Grumbling as it encounters obstacles
Point and sturdy rocks it had to face
But around them it doth flow
Nothing to hold it for its tranquility
Not even the biggest of obstacles…..
It truly is a lesson to learn…..
A lesson to last a whole generation….

Falling loftily from the skies are mercies
Molded and shrouded in mystery
Dropping right from a dark sky…
But its perfectness from a distance is seen….
Light as a feather…. But harder in its time
White like powder but resist sunshine…..

Mystery of the earth, o thee I hail
Forget thou not, neither hatest thou by me…
A riddle has thou been for ages…
Even the wisest of astrologers doth appear foolish…
Cryest thou when the hooves beat on thee?
When the cannon the bowel does dig?
Complaineth thou when a foundation you are made?
Or chastiseth thou the toddler that poops on thee?

Grace really and gracious has it all been….
Mystery far beyond the physical…
My heart drawn to thee O Lord my refuge…..
Thy works a product of will and forbearance….
For though I err on the way
My past are forgotten when I make right
I’ll forever O Lord give the best of my talent to thee…
My mouth shall magnify you all around…
Both in the dungeon and in the palace….

For thy ways O lord is mysterious……
My life like a pencil mark in thy eyes that can be erased…
Yet I am allowed to see this Month of Grace…
Let it abound and let your mercies speak….
For on my own, I am but a mere flesh…..
Bones and blood…… Packed together…
But with you O Lord…..
I am mightier than the mightiest king on earth…..

                              Joseph Success (Sacred Rose)

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